All the exhibitors’ innovations to be found at the show are displayed here, on the Exhibitors’ Innovations Wall!

Machines, software, advice, equipment… The latest developments in additive manufacturing are on 3D PRINT Paris and here is an overview of those that were to be found on the 2022 edition. The whole value chain is represented to bring you the solution that fits your needs, no matter the market in which your company evolves.


Discover the Handyscan 700 Elite 3D scanner from Creaform!

Want to benefit from excellent data acquisition on parts with complex and shiny surfaces? Choose the 3D scanner from Creaform’s SILVER line: the Handyscan 700 Elite. It has a resolution and an accuracy of up to 0.030mm for an ever more qualitative acquisition. It works with 7 blue laser crosses and 1 additional line allowing it to scan parts from 10cm to 3m. The rate of measurement is 480 000 measurements / second for always less time to scan.

Someone using a 3D solutions scanner


AdditiveLab RESEARCH, customizable simulation software for Metal Additive Manufacturing

The successful production of a printed part is still a challenge. To improve the success rate, the AdditiveLab RESEARCH simulation software allows to virtually study different printing configurations. Its openness allows to automate simulations, distribute results and modules to design teams, manufacturing teams or test labs. Discover this software and its new version for the first time at 3D PRINT Paris.

Computer showing AdditiveLab Research Software


Solid, liquid, powder, a renewed offer for the leader CADvision

In 2022, CADvision has decided to renew its entire range of 3D production solutions in order to better respond to market expectations. With 20 years of experience, it is opting for new generation technological solutions accompanied by its new partners representing the biggest names in the field: HP, Desktop Metal, Artec 3D, Solidworks, Etec or even Intamsys, Eos and Ansys.

CADVISION's 3D printing product range


MELD: The industry’s proof

To ensure the relevance of the MELD technology, Cetim CVL worked with five industrialists of the aerospace, aeronautics and defense sectors. This very productive process allows to work in large dimensions a very wide range of metals (inconel, stainless steel, steel, aluminium, magnesium, titanium, copper). The project could lead to the integration of a machine on the Printing platform in Bourges.

Image Innovation MELD by Cetim


Introduction to 4D_Additive

Well prepared, well printed. 4D_Additive is a complete solution for preparing CAD models for 3D printing, in exact and tessellated geometry. Analysis, repair, texturing, it offers a multitude of workshops and features for unique quality prints and controlled costs.

View of Coretechnology's 4D_Additive software


COSMYX opens the field of distributed manufacturing

The Nova and Super Nova 3D printers, innovate again with :
• the automated ejection of parts
• their increased repeatability
• their file security system
• simplified networking and remote control
The NOVA are 3D printers with an industrial vocation, designed for distributed manufacturing, compatible with the label: DISTRIFAB.

cosmyx 3D printing machine


Creatbot D600 pro : unbeatable price/productivity

Reliable and robust 3D printer designed for demanding industrial production environments. Relatively easy to handle, it offers a nice volume, excellent replicability and the use of high temperature materials. Take advantage of a bluffing purchase price / result ratio!
Challenge the machine, you won’t be disappointed.

3D printing machine Creabot


How Massivit 3D is overcoming the bottlenecks of composite tooling

Massivit 10000 reduces composite tooling costs by as much as 50%
The Massivit 10000 brings to market enormous time- and cost-saving benefits for the manufacturing of large composite tooling. It allows to combine the digital workflow, speed, and flexibility of 3D-printed tooling with the technical properties of a traditionally manufactured mold. Composite tooling manufacturers and molders can now produce complex, isotropic molds, plugs, mandrels, and prototypes within a matter of days instead of weeks.

Massivit 3D wide format printing machine


Experience the only 3D FDM filament that is 80% marble

The 3D stone thread for FDM 3D printers is a unique filament made from an alloy composed of 80% Occitan marble. Developed by the company MINORGA, this manufacturing process allows the transformation of natural mineral powders into new materials for the Industry of the Future.

Minorga stone filaments


Finally a 3D printing service for ceramic parts!

Novadditive is the first French production center for custom ceramic parts in additive manufacturing. Thanks to several printing processes, an expertise of more than 30 years in the ceramics industry and a very wide range of printable ceramics, we open a simplified access to 3D printed ceramics.

Novadditive 3D printing object


Towards 4D printing: metal additive manufacturing of intelligent components

The reliability of metal additive manufacturing and atomization processes now allows us to focus on more complex materials. Some metal alloys are smart materials with original properties: among them, Nitinol with shape memory makes it possible to consider active mechanical parts that can change their geometry. This is 4D printing!

Pint innovative materials


Pollen AM unveils its new universal 3D printer, the result of over 10 years of R&D

New Pam Series MC is a versatile multi-extruder production machine for printing unique parts locally and on demand, in small and medium series with industrial quality.

Machine Pollen Am new pam series MC


Urban 3D printing XL microfactory to build a post-carbon future

POOLP is a startup specialized in XL additive manufacturing and circular transition. We offer a circular design and digital production service to realize innovative custom and sustainable interior design solutions. After use, POOLP takes back its products and recycles them to make new ones.

innovation process created by the start-up Poolp


New PC/PBT filament (HT-UV-IMPACT) – easy to print – from ROSA3D

Filament for industrial and automotive applications:

  • Perfect balance between stiffness and plasticity
  • Excellent structural integrity and impact resistance
  • Excellent fatigue performance
  • High chemical resistance to engine oils and greases
  • High resistance to low and high temperatures (-20C + 110C)
  • High UV resistance
  • Elegant and satin surface
  • No odor
Filament prototype PC PBT Rosa Filaments 3D


SH65: the fast, accurate, robust large format printer that has won over its users

Volumic performance in large dimensions. The SH65 inaugurates Volumic’s new fixed-platen 3D printing platform. The SH65 makes large format 3D printing easy to achieve. It offers high performance in terms of accuracy, speed and material versatility related to large print sizes. In 6 months, it has won over all its users.

SH65 3d volumic printing machine