All the exhibitors’ innovations to be found at the show are displayed here, on the Exhibitors’ Innovations Wall!

Machines, software, advice, equipment… The latest developments in additive manufacturing are on 3D PRINT Paris and here is an overview of those showcased in 2023. The whole value chain is represented to bring you the solution that fits your needs, no matter the market in which your company evolves.


Revolutionizing 3D printing: allPHA - the 100% biodegradable filament

PHA, or polyhydroxyalkanoate, is a natural biopolymer produced by microorganisms through bacterial fermentation. It is 100% biosourced and 100% biodegradable, and does not release toxic microplastics. It is used by colorFabb, an innovative filament developer, in its 3D printing filaments with environmentally-friendly additives to achieve the desired properties.
AllPHA de Colorfabb


Creaform's new portable 3D scanner at an unbeatable price!

The Peel 3 revolution is here! Discover Creaform's new portable 3D scanner at an unbeatable price. The Peel 3 offers professional quality, with the ability to scan all types of parts thanks to its infrared sensor. It can quickly scan parts from 10cm to 3m without any prior preparation. Its 3D processing software, CAD, lets you process meshes and create automatic surfaces to transfer data to your CAD software.
Scanner Creaform Peel 3 dans un institut de santé


SOKARIS explores metamaterials

Sokaris is constantly on the lookout for solutions to lighten and improve the performance of structures, investigating metamaterials and developing design methods applied to acoustics, thermomechanics and structural and fluid mechanics.

The surprising properties of these metamaterials and additive manufacturing open up new horizons.
metamatériaux par Sokaris


Next-generation thermal management systems

nTop's advanced implicit geometry enables the production of high-performance heat exchangers for the aerospace industry, using advanced materials and manufacturing methods. The 3D-printed gyroid increases the surface area by 146% compared with a traditional shell-and-tube heat exchanger of the same size. These gyroid structures make it possible to produce parts with high requirements in terms of strength and heat dissipation.
pièces d'aérospatial étudiées avec le logiciel de nTop


TPU 90A powder now available on Fuse series printers

TPU 90A powder lets you produce garments, clips, gaskets, padding elements and much more, with the design freedom of SLS 3D printing. You'll be able to produce flexible, skin-friendly prototypes at a low cost per part, thanks to its 80% recyclability.
produits réalisés en TPU 90A par Formlabs


SmartFusion: EOS solution for support-free DMLS® printing

Construction supports in metal 3D printing are often necessary and sometimes limit application possibilities. The new process control solution from EOS features intelligent real-time heat management. It allows support structures to be reduced or eliminated, and works 2 to 5 times faster than other technologies.
solution sans support d'EOS


Carbon's EPU45: a new material for shock absorption.

EPU45 has been developed for shock-absorbing parts. This material offers excellent dynamic absorption performance: stiff on violent impact, but soft on progressive deformation. EPU45 is a good choice for replacing absorption foams in sports equipment.
casque réalisé avec EPU45 de Carbon


Multi-scale simulation of metal additive manufacturing

AdditiveLab RESEARCH is open, customizable, multi-scale simulation software. It helps engineers to identify manufacturing problems at the design stage and minimize the risk of failure by virtually testing several printing configurations.


EXO 42: the new large-format 3D printer from Volumic

The EXO 42 offers a print volume to meet all your needs. It is also compatible with over 80 materials and more than 400 color/filler variations. It offers high performance in terms of precision, speed and material versatility, and can handle large print sizes.
exo series par Volumic 3D


Detailed simulations of 3D printing and welding processes

With the CFD simulation software FLOW-3D AM and FLOW-3D WELD, you can simulate the entire powder bed laser melting process, including powder spreading and the laser melting process, or laser welding, cladding and brazing on a highly detailed scale. All in an efficient virtual laboratory.


Hybrid large-format additive manufacturing system

Cms Kreator is the hybrid system for additive manufacturing and large-format milling (LFAM). It enables printing at 0°, 45° and 90° (speeds up to 16m/min) of various materials: PA, PP, PESU, PEI, PET, ABS, AIRTECH DAHLTRAM and others. It saves at least 81% material during manufacturing.


COSMYX's MIRA microfactory for industrial 3D production

A secure, connected 3D production unit, the MIRA 3D microfactory is modular and compact. Thanks to its automatic ejection system, it enables agile, continuous production 24 hours a day, as well as manufacturing integrity and real-time control of the printing environment.
micro usine MIRA de cosmyx


Metallization of parts in carbon-filled PEKK additive manufacturing

Atelier DEMGY 3D, additive manufacturing in carbon-reinforced PEKK, enables us to increase the speed of medium production runs by a factor of 10, as well as offering infinite customization, from topological optimization to the production of pre-assembled and metallized assemblies (for electrical continuity or electromagnetic shielding).
pièces métalisées en PEKK chargé carbone


Your prototypes in 15 days thanks to 3D Molding

With 3D Molding, Initial combines 3D printing and injection molding to produce your parts in good quality. This tooling technology, produced by 3D metal printing, offers you a new reactive production method for your innovations. An innovative alternative for unrivalled speed.
pièce réalisé avec les matériaux Initial


Versatile, multi-material 3D printer

The J35™ Pro is an affordable PolyJet 3D printer suited to an office environment. It provides engineers and designers with the versatility they need to produce parts that match their exact requirements. The benefits are manifold: multi-material printer, water-soluble support, high-quality printed parts at high speed and with an extremely simple workflow. Visit the SEIDO Systèmes stand (D21) for a live demo.
J35 pro de Stratasys


Minerva: direct printing on aluminum (MMD)

ValCUN's innovation revolutionizes metal 3D printing with its molten metal deposition (MMD) technology. By combining the advantages of traditional FDM with the versatility and strength of aluminum, ValCUN's Minerva enables the cost-effective production of complex aluminum parts. Their solution opens up new possibilities for additive manufacturing in various industries.
minerva de Valcun