Friday, September 29, 2023

3D Talks - Laurens FAURE

3D Talks - Laurens FAURE

Could you introduce yourself and tell us about Sandhelden?

My name is Laurens Faure, and I am the founder and CEO of SANDHELDEN. We are a German company specializing in the production and post-processing of 3D-printed objects (Binder Jetting) using sand. We serve clients from various sectors such as art, interior design, architecture, automotive, lighting, and many more. Our expertise lies particularly in hardening and finishing, which can be tailored to each client. With our sub-brand Aqvato, we also offer a wide range of customizable bathroom products, including sinks and bathtubs.

We are delighted to see you at a conference on the topic of serial production. Could you share a success story from a customer (without revealing everything)?

One of the most promising sectors for SANDHELDEN is architecture and construction. In 2022, we had a large-scale project for concrete molds used in a museum in Germany.

“Over 1,000 pallet-sized plates were 3D-printed and post-processed.”

They were used for molding with silicone, which, in turn, was used to cast concrete. The final application was the creation of a highly complex facade.