Friday, March 31, 2023

Interview - AM SOLUTIONS

Interview - AM SOLUTIONS
As a confirmed exhibitor at the next 3D PRINT Paris trade show in October, the RÖSLER group markets the AM SOLUTIONS brand, which offers solutions for post-processing 3D printed parts. Valentin Loury, technical sales representative, tells us more about this international company and the importance for the group to be present at the show.

Hello Valentin, can you introduce yourself and AM SOLUTIONS and explain what motivated the group to enter the additive manufacturing market?
Hello, my name is Valentin LOURY, I’m a Technical Sales Representative at Rösler France, in charge of developing the AM Solutions brand. The German industrial group Rösler is the market leader in mechanical surface treatment solutions such as tribofinishing, shot blasting and sand blasting. It is present worldwide through a vast network of subsidiaries and distributors.

Over the past few years, the Rösler Group has been increasingly approached with requests for surface finishing of 3D printed parts. The company realized that additive manufacturing would pose new challenges and that a specific approach would be required for the post processing and finishing of these parts. This is how the brand AM Solutions – 3D post processing technology was born, entirely dedicated to standard or more specific automated post-processing solutions, allowing to free oneself from the manual finishing of polymer or metal parts resulting from additive manufacturing. AM Solutions designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of efficient and easy-to-use machines, meeting the needs of dewaxing, part cleaning, surface finishing or substrate removal (single part or batch).

“Our participations in the previous editions have especially generated a significant number of qualitative and promising contacts.”

As an exhibitor, what does the 3D PRINT show bring you?
We have been participating in the 3D PRINT show for 3 years now, exclusively for our brand AM Solutions. We have found that this show is THE French trade fair for the 3D market.
This event has the advantage of being focused, bringing together all the market players in one place and attracting quality visitors. It is a great opportunity for us to promote our brand and our wide range of post-processing solutions for additive manufacturing parts.

This exhibition also concentrates a large flow of visitors, specialized in the field of 3D printing. It has allowed us to meet prospects and our participation in previous editions has generated a significant number of qualitative and promising contacts.

What new solutions will we be able to discover on your stand in October?
This year we will present our new machine for cleaning and surface finishing of additive manufacturing parts: the S1 Wet. It is a versatile and compact automated wet blasting solution, developed and designed in our French plant. Dedicated to the post-processing of metal or polymer parts, by unit or by batch, the S1 Wet can be accessorized to perfectly fit our customers’ specific needs.