Friday, January 27, 2023

Interview - KREOS

Interview - KREOS
KREOS, a French specialist in the 3D printing sector, particularly for its integration and CAD/CAM solutions, will participate in 3D PRINT Paris 2023. In this interview, Alexandre Brosseau, co-manager of KREOS, explains why the company, which has been exhibiting since 2014, will be present at the next edition.

Can you give a brief introduction of yourself?

I am Alexandre Brosseau, co-manager of KREOS.
KREOS is a distributor / integrator of 3D and additive manufacturing equipment since 2007. We are a distributor of Zortrax FDM and LCD 3D printers, SLS Sintratec, DLP Asiga and Rapidshape as well as Artec 3D scanners. We also have a dental division that offers the entire digital manufacturing chain for dental prostheses. We equip dental laboratories and orthodontic practices with 3Shape 3D scanners and software, Mihm Vogt ovens, DMU LAC laser cutting and Asiga and Rapidshape 3D printers.

Our head office is based in the heart of Lyon, in the 9th arrondissement and we also have a sales office in the Paris region. We operate throughout France, as well as in the French overseas departments and territories and in French-speaking Switzerland.

Why is it important for KREOS to be present at the 3D PRINT Paris in October?

The 3D Print exhibition has been THE reference for exhibitions dedicated to 3D printing in France for many years. It is the must-attend event for any company looking to get equipped or to learn more about additive manufacturing. KREOS has participated in the 3D PRINT exhibition since its creation.

The 3D Print trade show allows us to have exclusive visibility of our business. It is a real plus compared to industrial trade shows where 3D printing is only one element among many others.

“The 3D PRINT show allows us to find new prospects from all over France.”
The 3D PRINT show allows us to find new prospects from all over France. So far, every edition we have attended has been a success in terms of visitor numbers. It is also an excellent showcase to present our new products or new partners.

A word about the innovations you will be presenting at the show this year?

We have a lot of news for this 2023 edition with new partners and new machines. KREOS has been a distributor of Zortrax 3D printers since the beginning of the year. The show will be an opportunity to discover the Peek Endureal printer or the Inkspire 2, the brand’s LCD resin printer. We will also have on our stand the Sintratec S3 with the AMP platform, which allows to print both plastic and metal on the same machine.