Thursday, March 30, 2023

Interview - POLLEN AM

Interview - POLLEN AM
POLLEN AM is a French company offering additive manufacturing solutions using pellets and has been present as an exhibitor since the first Parisian edition of 3D PRINT. Thibaud Deshons, International Sales Engineer, gives us, in this interview, a complete overview of the different innovations that the company has developed and tells us more about the new products that will be unveiled on the POLLEN AM booth next October. Among others, a new material cartridge for better printing performance.

Thibaud, can you tell us more about you, POLLEN AM and the solutions you propose?
My name is Thibaud Deshons, I joined Pollen AM in December 2019, and I have since held the position of International Sales Engineer.
Founded in September 2013, after 2 years of research and development, Pollen AM is a French company, headquartered in Ivry-sur-Seine, a few minutes from Paris. The company designs and develops additive manufacturing solutions using pellets for the industrial sectors. The 3D printers marketed by Pollen AM are open, both in terms of machine parameters and materials, thus offering access to a virtually infinite material portfolio.

Pollen AM’s product line consists of the New Pam Series P, New Pam Series P-HT and Pam Series MC 3D printers, each of which meets specific industrial needs. Thus, the PAM technology allows to shape thermoplastic elastomers (from Shore 00 to Shore D, without hardness limits) as well as high performance thermoplastics, metallic alloys or even technical ceramics.
Pollen AM delivers its 3D printing systems worldwide, with more than 100 systems currently operational, of which more than 30% are located outside Europe.

“A key event, serving as a showcase for the various innovations we develop throughout the year.”

You have been an exhibitor since the first edition of 3D PRINT Paris, what benefits does this show offer for your business?
3D PRINT Paris brings together a large number of players closely or remotely linked to the additive manufacturing sector. It is therefore a key event, serving as a showcase for the various innovations we develop throughout the year.
It is also a very good way to learn more about the evolution of the French additive manufacturing market, and to discover the novelties proposed on the different additive manufacturing technologies, year after year.

On previous editions, did the event allow you to capture new types of prospects that you were not reaching before?
The 3D PRINT show is always an opportunity to reach a new audience, and to exchange with many prospects, in order to discuss their projects and possible future collaborations. Previous editions of 3D PRINT Paris have allowed us to attract prospects from a wide range of different sectors, including the automotive, medical, aerospace and even rail industries.

As 3D Pam printers are open systems capable of processing the vast majority of injection grade materials, this allows us to capture the interest of companies operating in these different industries.
Indeed, pellet 3D printing is a particular advantage for industries that already use pellets, as existing grades can be printed as they are for an unbeatable price, in the same way as injection molding.

What new products will visitors find on your stand on October 11 and 12?
It may be a little early to disclose the details, but we are currently working on a new generation of Pam systems, with many technical improvements and new features that will delight our most frequent users.
Our research and development teams are also developing additional accessories to improve the usability and performance of our 3D printing systems. Among these solutions, we plan to introduce a new material cartridge which will be dedicated to the printing of high performance materials and which will guarantee a better printing robustness for long printing cycles (2 to 3 days).

As these solutions are not officially marketed at the moment, but tested internally, we do not yet have any use cases that would be linked to them and that we could reveal to you. However, we encourage you to follow us on social networks in order to stay informed of our news, and to discover these new innovative products and various features!