Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Interview - VISIATIV

Interview - VISIATIV
As part of their participation in the 3D PRINT Paris trade show on October 11 and 12, we interviewed Visiativ, an exhibitor at 3D PRINT since 2018. In this interview, Sebastien Desbois shares with us the reasons for his participation and reveals exclusive information about the new products they will be exhibiting on their stand.

Hello Sebastien, can you tell us about VISIATIV?
Visiativ is a company specialising in the digital transformation of companies. It offers solutions to help companies optimise their business processes, improve collaboration and communication between different departments, and accelerate the implementation of strategic projects. In this support approach, Visiativ offers advice and support for the integration of professional 3D printing solutions, as well as adapted training for the design of parts intended to be printed.
With 21,000 customers, Visiativ mainly targets industrial SMEs in France and we are also present in 13 countries.

As a major exhibitor at the show, what will your mission be during these two days?
The 3D PRINT trade show allows visitors to discover numerous 3D printing system manufacturers. Our objective as an exhibitor is to explain to visitors how Visiativ supports companies and employees beyond the printing system. What are the uses of 3D printing, the topological or assembly optimizations, the possible post-processing and especially how to optimize the production cost of a part or a medium series.

“The printer is a tool but the real value lies in the ability of its user to exploit it to its limits.”

A little story: During 3D PRINT 2022, we discovered a company that makes accessories for movie set equipment. So we referred them to Markforged products, one of the manufacturers we work with. This was a perfect match for their expectations of 3D printing, because of the surface quality of the parts and the mechanical resistance of the continuous fibre. This collaboration allowed us to set foot on several film sets. A new experience for the teams!

Among the various innovations you offer, which one can we discover on your stand this year?
One of the new features we will be presenting is the new simulation functionality in EIGER, the software that drives the Markforged 3D printers. This is the first time that a SAAS platform has integrated easy-to-use simulation tools on continuous fibre composites. A real technical feat!