Friday, February 10, 2023


Exhibiting for the first time at 3D PRINT, the Italian company XC ENGINEERING, represented by Stefano Mascetti (Managing Director), offers virtual simulation solutions for manufacturers. In this interview, discover the core business and the motivations of this company, which has been expanding rapidly since 2002, to participate in 3D PRINT next October.

Stefano, you represent XC ENGINEERING. Can you tell us more about your company?

I’m Stefano Mascetti and I’m the managing director of XC Engineering, an international company that operates in the field of virtual simulations and computational fluid-dynamics. We are the world’s leading experts in Flow Science software solutions for additive manufacturing, more specifically the simulation software FLOW-3D AM / WELD, for which we not only have in deep knowledge, but we are also able to customize it, to implement ad hoc mathematical extensions.
XC Engineering core team is composed by highly graduated aerospace engineers, mathematicians, and IT experts, to provide European SMEs and large companies with know-how, support and tools needed for the solution of complex engineering problems, through the advanced use of numerical simulation and construction of mathematical models.

On 11 and 12 October, you will be exhibiting for the first time at the fair. What motivated this choice?

We believe that the software technology FLOW-3D AM can provide to all companies involved in the additive manufacturing industry a strategic advantage in their design process. Companies can benefit in using FLOW-3D AM by reproducing the complex additive process in a virtual environment, which gives enormous advantages in terms of reproducibility, investigation capabilities, economical advantages, in a safe and ecological friendly environment.
FLOW-3D AM can reproduce different types of additive processes, like laser powder bed fusion (LPBF), direct energy deposition (DED), powder based DED, wire based DED, wire powder based DED, and different types of welding processes, and reproduce accurately key-hole formation, melting pool region, material mixing, etc…

Virtual simulation software meets a real need for 3D printing. What will visitors discover on your stand?

At our booth people will have the opportunity to watch demo cases of FLOW-3D AM software, and to talk with professional people with top-level competences in the field of numerical simulation (cfd).
There will be showcases about all processes mentioned above (LPBF, DED, wire DED, welding) and most of the common defects companies are interested in, like keyhole inclusions, melt pool, printing shape.